viernes, el 19 de agosto de 2011

Buenos noches amigos!!

Fingers crossed…we might have a new camera battery in a weeks time!!

I managed to hook up with Daniel and we went on the website and looked it over. He feels good that the product will be real and that we can trust the seller.

The big difference here? It will take a few days to verify the credit card and then once that is done , the seller sends it via Estafeta. I have asked Daniel to arrange all that as it was easier for him to use his account vs me trying to set one up with a Canadian address for my cc.

The other option for payment is funny. You go to Oxxo, the local 7-11 type of tienda, and make a payment there. You scan the recibo and send that in, and it speeds things along. No PayPal here!!

So, we should hear by lunes about the cc and hopefully have a batería by proximo viernes. Why am I now calling this a batería? Sergio says pila are one time use batteries while a batería is rechargeable. Who knew?

We do have 2 fotos today. They were taken using the laptop y Photo Booth, a Mac application.

I had taped a note to Telmex on B10 and Gato blanco followed me back up to G10, even sprinting ahead as I got to the last set of stairs. He does not drink much leche, he is here because he likes attention. I sat in my normal chair, he jumped up and lay down behind me.

Crazy? I pretend to sleep, closing my eyes and making snoring noises, and he puts his head down and closes his eyes. This has happened 5 times now. Hmmm.

As for the rest of the day…it was hola to Bubba day!! At el gimnasio it was hola from Anna, Berlin, Hector and Fermin. Then it was hola from Beto, Samuel, Moises, Sergio y Daniel at Gabriels. And last but not least, I was accosted by Pablo (from Nissan) at Che. All these peeps saying hola, led me to having a great day!! Mis amigos!!

Roman (otra amigo) stopped by for some pesos. Here, you pay the plomero to go get his refracciones (parts) so they can actually start the project. So this plomero needs to go to Pochutla, grab the supplies and we are hoping for a secadora up and running early next week.

The same plomero is also going to do some r&m on the hot water heater in G10 as it does not work correctly. To get hot water, we turn on the washer first and then the tap. It won’t work if you turn on only the tap…no sé porque.

So off to el gimnasio, hola to all mis amigos and then a great workout.
On the way to the joyeria, I spoke with Daniel from Fonatur and told him I would be away in 3 weeks. He asked when I would be back and even made mention of niño. He is a quiet hombre, but a very nice one.

As mentioned, potentially great news via mi otra amigo Daniel, and then it was alberca time. Mainly sunny day and we did not mid the few nube that rolled in during pool time…keeps you cool.

Bexico went back to work and I hit Che. Nothing special there and we are trying to keep our purchases to the necessities so we don’t have to give away too much before we head norte.

Foto opportunities missed today? The hombres selling the long dusters, chalkboards and misc. And there was a great foto op of a taxi driver sitting in the back of his cab, feet out the door and playing the bongos while waiting for a fare to appear.

930pm, Bexico had a wrap’ish thing for la cena and I wolfed back some burritos. Mañana is porkchop sábado. They sell thin cut chops here, but these are nice thick ones…primera vez that I have seen them. First time. And we wrap up the week with rib eye domingo!!

Nothing extra planned for mañana…el gimnasio y alberca time. Nascar is on at media dia de domingo!! Bexico? Probably finish up her film this weekend!!

Buen fin de semana.

Marco y Bexico

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